Creation possibilities

Paintings are the foundation of creation since it is they that can give life to the canvas. There are many kinds (gouache, oil, watercolor, water ...) and all used to create special effects. Among the different types of paint commonly used, there is oil painting.

Les crayons


colored pencils

Real creative instrument for amateur and professional artists, the pencil can give rise to very specific and amazing effects. Among large families, we can cite the watercolors pencils, Pencils wood and the graphite pencils. At first glance, watercolors pencils look like ordinary color pencils.


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Les pinceaux


For Paintings

There are a large number of brushes because they each have their own use. In addition, artists like to choose the best brushes that stick to their modes of expression. The paintings are often of very different composition, it is important to choose brushes that perfectly match the material used to ensure the best possible result.There are different types of oil brushes: brushes for background that can pose great colored masses on the tables, brushes for patterns used for the installation of the main subject and the detail brushes that are more accurate and finer .



Color richness

Declined in thousands of colors and textures, pastels are perfect creation tools to develop creativity. BIg, medium, small, round or square ... Pastels come in very many forms. But there are mainly two families of pastels: the dry pastels and oil pastels.The dry pastels are made primarily of pigments, plus a small quantity of binder.

 Les Toiles / Canvas


Stretched panels

The canvas is the name of the media that is used for oil paint and acrylic paint.
It is usually made of fiber, flax or a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers. In order to capture well the paint and keep it safe from spilling, it is coated with a primer before use. In order to fit on the easel, the canvas must be held with a frame or glued to a panel of wood or cardboard for rigidity. Professional artists usually use linen because its quality is superior. However, cotton canvas is a more economical alternative.



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Art with gun

Les chevalets


work stability

The easel is a very important part in the field of painting. This is the support that can hold the work during the creation process. It can be a canvas, a wooden plate or a cardstock. It is often attached directly to the frame of the easel. When using paper or cardboard, it is preferable to use a drawing board and fix it with drawing pliers or soft tape. This is an essential piece, it allows a good stability of the work. The easels models differ in their sizes, shapes and use that one wishes to make.

La calligraphie


Indian Ink

Calligraphy is an art of representing the original, refined and elegant different writing characters.
To achieve calligraphic works, it is important to have the following three items: ink, brush and paper specially provided for this purpose.In calligraphy, there are mainly two types of ink: the Indian ink and the special calligraphy ink. The ink is not permanent and density can easily be arranged to suit all type of designs.